Powercom-Group Power Solution Systems

APC UPS System

Our state-of-the-art electrical security setup, with the support of Schneider, enables us to successfully deliver large-scale APC UPS for Data Centers. We can supply and support for the model three phases such as APC Symmetra & Galaxy models.

Eltek Rectifier System

The current demands of modern technology’s changes in the management and operation of stable & secure currents. Eltek plays a key role in converting the current & electrical system for all critical loads & devices used with DC power.

QPS AVR/Stabilizer System

QPS AVR & Stabilizer play an important role in the current and stabilizing the electrical system, ensuring the quality of power being used with critical equipment. The QPS AVR & Stabilizer product range from low to high, supplying thousands of KVW.

AKSA Generator System

Generators is an important equipment in generating electricity to consumers who need of electricity. Powercom is a business partner of AKSA Generator Factory can supply all of capacity range with 1 phase & 3 phase.